DIY Seagull Bottle Stoppers

May 5, 2016



Welcome to the Craine’s Nest!

Lately, I’ve been dreaming about Summer.  Mostly, the cooler, younger summers of my teen years, spent on the Central Coast of California. I filled many an afternoon, hanging out with friends, getting beautifully bronzed via baby oil (it was the 80’s, what can I say?!!!), and swimming in the salty ocean water.  Not a care in the world… it was REALLY fun and sort of heavenly, looking back. You never realize that kind of freedom ’til it’s gone, do you?!  Soft warm sand, gentle ocean waves, birds flying free… I have sweet and happy memories of those sun-kissed days!

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Arugula, Mini Heirloom, and Burrata Bagel

April 5, 2016


Good Morning and Welcome to The Craine’s Nest!

This year I’ve become a big fan of breakfast. I’m usually a go-without-breakfast sort of girl, but recently, everything changed.  I started feeling sick if I didn’t eat and mentally foggy, not to mention grumpy and starving!  Needless to say, I’ve started eating breakfast.  For most of my life, I was not hungry AT ALL in the morning. It was really convenient, because it was one less thing that I had to worry about at the beginning of the day! I’d have a little coffee, and be on my way. But now that everything has changed, and I’m ravenous by 9 am, I’m on a quest to find new and interesting breakfast foods.  I’ve been trying out some recipes and I really like this Arugula, Mini Heirloom, and Burrata Bagel that I came up with the other day.  Oh, and if you’re a non-breakfast-eater, you can whip this up for a light lunch!

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Cadbury Milk Chocolate Tartine 5 Ways

February 9, 2016

Mint Chocolate Tartine

I LOVE Cadbury Chocolate. All of it. The gooey creme filled eggs. The white, milk, and dark chocolate. The mini eggs. It’s all ridiculously good, but their Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar is my absolute favorite. To me, there is no better chocolate on the planet. It’s smooth, it’s rich, and it’s crazy delicious. That’s why, when I decided to do a Chocolate Tartine, there was no question which chocolate I would use. I know dark chocolate has stolen the show as of late, but you know what?  I like milk chocolate better- still!  So… if you’re looking for a really yummy, really simple dessert, then you’ve come to the right place! Anyone can do this. You don’t have to be a baker. It’s a snap AND a crowd pleaser.

Lemon Chocolate Tartine

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DIY Goat Planter

January 3, 2016



Hi there and Happy New Year!

It’s 2016 and I’m excited to start a new year!  January means it’s time to put away the Holiday goods and refresh!  Everyone is organizing, cleaning out, and throwing away…  and there’s nothing like getting rid of ALL that junk, to clear your mind, and pave the way for new ideas.  If you’re lucky, while scouring and purging, you may run across a few old things that seem new and interesting again.  Finally, you have the perfect idea for that tacky goat’s head coat hanger you bought ages ago!  I KNEW I could do something with this thing… and I’ve had lots of ideas for it along the way.  First, I was simply going to paint it, and hang it on the wall.   But that was too boring.  Then I was going to decoupage strips of a white and gold Moroccan paper that I found at World Market, and hang it on a balsa wood backdrop.  I think that would’ve been really pretty, but I never got around to it (to see my decoupage projects, click here).  Finally, after leaning it up against a terracotta planter, to move it out of the way while cleaning,  I realized that was it!  Serendipity!  So here is my DIY Goat Planter.  It was seriously easy to put together, and ended up being the perfect accessory for the empty space in my bookshelf.  A little gold (or whatever color you choose), a little greenery, and voila!  You’ve got an adorable Mid- Century-esque accent to brighten your home.

This DIY is so simple, that once you have everything you need, it can be done in about an hour.  Let’s get going!


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DIY Mini Planter Box 3 Ways

November 15, 2015


Hello and Happy Autumn!

Here are some sweet little planter boxes that I found in the Dollar Bin at Target, for $3.00 each.  I don’t think it’s actually called the “Dollar Bin” anymore, since some of the items are $1, some are $3 and some are 5… but who’s complaining when they offer such awesome trinkets, at these prices!


3 boxes.  3 levels of DIY.  3 adorable creations!

These boxes can be used for anything from plants and flowers to office supplies to gift baskets. Fill them with Autumn gifts if you’re going to someone’s house for Thanksgiving dinner or plant them with mini Amaryllis for a Pre- Christmas offering.  Stuff them full of beautiful baubles for Christmas or give them as a New Year’s present filled with candles and mini bottles of wine or champagne!


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DIY Spooky Skeleton Serving Spoons

October 9, 2015


Welcome back to my last Spooky Skeleton Post!  This will round out the series.  I’ve had fun making these creations, and I hope you’ve been inspired by them!  In this post, I will be making 2 sets of Skeleton Serving Spoons.

This project is a snap, so let’s get these little guys ready for your Halloween soiree!


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DIY Ice Bath Skeleton Party Bucket

October 7, 2015


Hi there and welcome back!  Happy Halloween!

Today, I’ll show you how to make this Ice Bath Skeleton Party Bucket.  This is the third in my Halloween DIY Skeleton Series, and the second of my Skeleton Party Buckets.  It’s SUPER simple to create, and a great edition to the first Ship of Fools Skeleton Party Bucket.  If you’re having a Halloween gathering, these little guys will make your house Party-Ready!

All you need for this VERY easy Halloween DIY is:

  • One of these Skeletons from Michael’s (on the left) or Target (on the right).
  • This Lucite Party Bowl from Target.
  • This Metallic Copper Spray Paint from Michael’s.
  • Crystal Clear Spray Acrylic.  This is a lacquer that won’t change the color of your spray paint.  Available at Michael’s.  *Note*  Some colors of spray paint are changed more significantly than others, when using lacquer.  For example, the Rose Gold Metallic Spray that I used in the First Ship of Fools Party Bucket, changes dramatically with any lacquer.  The Metallic Copper I used for this project, did not change at all.  This Crystal Clear is definitely the best spray I have found for spraying over spray paint.
  • E6000 Adhesive.  Michael’s.

That’s everything!  Simple!  Hopefully you have some of these things left over from the last project… let’s get rollin’!


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DIY: Ship of Fools Skeleton Party Bucket

October 5, 2015


Hi there and welcome back for the second creation in my Halloween DIY Skeleton Series!  This DIY is fun, simple, and quick, so for those of you who like instant gratification, this is your project!


The Ship of Fools Skeleton Party Bucket can be used for ice and drinks, candy, or treat bags… just a few ideas on the menu!  It holds about 3/4 of a bag of ice and 3 or 4 beers (if you really squish ’em in).  Of course it can be used for soda, water, or treats!


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DIY Skeletons in the Closet Serving Tray

October 3, 2015


Hi there and Happy Halloween!!!  I can’t believe it’s that time again!


I LOVE Halloween because it’s the gateway to the holidays, and it represents Fall, with all of its beautiful, warm colors and rustic scents.  I also love that you can go crazy with spooky decorations… anything goes at Halloween!  Some go for the really cutesy decor.  Some get really creepy and some are just a happy medium, but I think that anything is allowed.  You can go tacky, or elegant, but the goal of this holiday, is to have FUN!  I appreciate the houses that go really nuts, because those are the ones that make this holiday what it is-  spooky, thrilling entertainment-  and sheer joy for my 8 year old son!

This season, I’ve made a tray that is ghostly, ghastly, and just a little bit elegant, to add to my growing collection of Halloween paraphernalia (to see my album of Halloweens, Past and Present, click here).  This will be the first in a series of Spooky Skeleton Halloween Crafts that I’m rolling out.  This particular tray, the first in the series, can be used for food and drink, as a candle display, or anything else your heart desires!  It’s adorable in a spooky skeleton sort of way.  Festive and fun.  Very Halloweeny!


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Mint Lemonade Slushy with Vodka and Tonic

September 12, 2015


Welcome back to the Craine’s Nest!  Thanks for being here!

The last days of Summer are upon us here in San Diego, and that means one thing… SERIOUS HEAT.  So, instead of complaining about the sweaty, humid, disgusting heat (ok, I’ll still complain a little!), I think I will sip away the last days that we have left, of this very long season.  So…

I’ve returned to give you a sweet and simple drink recipe that I concocted this week, when temperatures rose into the hundreds!  Every year, when August comes to a close, I think, “Thank goodness Summer is OVER-  hey, it wasn’t even that bad!?!?!?”  But somewhere in the back of my mind lurks a sneaking suspicion that I’ve forgotten something… and that’s when September strikes.  105 degree days and pretty much sheer, sweaty torture when you live in an A-frame with absolutely no insulation and no AC.  That’s right.  No AC.  My husband says it’s making us stronger individuals, but I’m pretty sure it’s just making me mean!  It’s hard to be nice when you live in a sweat lodge.  It’s also hard to explain this annual amnesia that I experience, but I think it’s a denial that allows me to remain in this house, year after year, because I’m too lazy to pack it in and move out!

Whatever the case may be, while I was sitting in my AC-free living room the other night, sweating bullets, and trying to finish up my last post, I realized I needed something REALLY cold to drink.  I looked around my kitchen and found some mint, lemons, tonic, a little vodka, some sugar and ice, and I got busy mixing!


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