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Loving… Blush and Copper

September 20, 2017


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Welcome to the Craine’s Nest!

Lately, I’ve been loving… Blush and Copper.  This duo combines beautifully, to create a sweet effect in any room or vignette.  The sheen of the warm copper sitting beside the blush of the cool pink, is pretty, feminine, and relaxing.  Place these lovely mates alongside warm, rich wood, and you strike a peaceful and harmonious visual balance.


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Loving… Chamomile Flowers

September 28, 2016




Welcome to the Craine’s Nest!  Hoping your Summer was full of travel, sandy beach days, and lazy afternoons in the sun (maybe perusing new DIY blogs!).  Now that we’re moving towards Fall, I’m getting that nesty-cozy feeling in my soul.  I want to make my house pretty and comfy and for me, that means cooking, DIY’s, and flowers!

This is the first in a series of posts I’ll be writing about things that I love and adore.  These Chamomile Flowers are #1 on my list since I stumbled upon them yesterday, brought them home, and fell in love!  I scattered these Late-Summer, daisy-like blooms all over our living room in different containers: a milk bottle, a jam jar, a hanging vase, a copper washi tape vase, and another little bottle.  I bought a large bunch at Trader Joe’s for $3.99 that ended up filling all of the above, plus more to spare! They’re pretty and carefree little flowers, but they’re also very delicate, so… when you get ’em home, get them into water, right away.  Without it, their tender flowers and leaves begin to wilt VERY quickly.  The upside is that once re-hydrated they usually pop right back to life!


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